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기초영어 자기소개서

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기초영어  자기소개서  학번  xxxx.xx.xx  이름  김은지  

hi. english teacher! my name is eun ji kim

i am 20 years old. i was born chungcheong-do in korea, but i live gyeonggi-do

i have three families. i love my families

my parents are cute, handsome and pretty. they live in gyeonggi-do

my mother name is nan hee kim. she is 44 years old

my father name is won ku kim. he is 46 years old

my mother isn’t teacher. she is worker

my father isn’t doctor. he is worker

they are love me. our family like chicken, noodles, beef, sandwich, french fries, soup and shrimp

my father and i like hamburgers and sushi. but my mother hates them

she likes vegetables, rice, and onions. we are very happy and funny families

i’m university student and i am majoring industrial design. i chose my major because i like draw picture and i want to a great designer

i love almost everything that is design. i study english, design and sketch in kaywon art of design school

i like kaywon art of design school. i think a good school it has good teachers and good places   (이하 생략)

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