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콜롬비아 대학원 지원 SOP(Applied Analytics) - 썸네일 1page
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콜롬비아 대학원 지원 SOP(Applied Analytics)

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콜롬비아 대학원 지원 SOP(Applied Analytics) 자료입니다


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콜롬비아 대학원 지원 SOP(Applied Analytics)에 대해 기술한 참고자료입니다.

저작시기 : 2021년 1월


What intrigues me most about a
nalytics is the concept of data discovery, namely, discovering insights and developing new offerings such as data-based products, services, or features, which enable analytics to not only support businesses by assisting with management-level decisions that help the business run efficiently, but also by offering new products, services, or features that enhance the user's experience, and generate new channels for profits. LinkedIn'sPeople You May Knowfeature, which provides users with a list of people it thinks the user is likely to know, is an example of data product I aspire to develop. I find the concept of data discovery especially fascinating because I realized during my work as a buyer that there is no position that performs both a supporting role and is directly involved with developing products; instead, each of these tasks is strictly divided between engineers who designed structures and personnel like myself who supported their endeavors by implementing cost control measures and streamlining material procurement. With applied analytics, I could take on both roles, allowing me to make greater contributions to the business by not only increasing a business operation's efficiency, but also creating new lines of revenue through product development, which is the type of work that I hope to focus on during my career. Therefore, I would like to pursue my degree in applied analytics to research and learn how to incorporate statistical, mathematical, and computer-based skills and techniques that would optimize the decision-making process and business operation efficiency, and lead to creative ideas to develop viable data-based products.
Realizing programming is one
of the key elements for success in analytics and development of data products, I learned basic principles of Java programming through UCLA Extension's online Java class. To further gain knowledge in computing and coding, I participated in a 6 month full-time IT training program offered by Soldesk, an IT educational institution sponsored by the Korean government. During this program, I learned how to construct complex algorithms and how to use SQL to store, query and manipulate data by gaining hands-on experience in Java, JSP, Android Studio, R, Linux, Oracle SQL andMySQL. In addition, I completed a team project in size of four members, where my team and I built an android mobile app that could tell users how many hours per day were spent productively to help them boost time management skills. This collaboration was a very important opportunity because it allowed me to demonstrate creativity, entrepreneurship and teamwork, while simultaneously applying the programming skills I had learned to create software that helps people solve a problem, which in this case is time management. Moreover,I am currently taking"Linear Algebra and Differential Equations"course to better prepare myself for the program. These studies built upon the quantitative and analytical skills I had developed during my previous work and undergraduate studies in economics, helped me equip myself with the essential tools I will need to succeed in my higher studies in Applied Analytics at Columbia University.
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