Arpaia, P., Artoos, K., Buzio, M., Caiazza, D., Lasheras, N. Catalan, Cherif, A., Doytchinov, I., Fuchs, J. F., Gaddi, A., Munoz, N. Galindo, Gayde, J. C., Kamugasa, S. W., Durand, H. Mainaud, Modena, M., Novotny, P., Russenschuck, S., Sanz, C., Severino, G., Tshilumba, D., Vlachakis, V., Wendt, M., Zorzetti, S. | Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS), 2016 IEEE (v.2016 / no.4 / pp.1-6 / 2016)
Within the framework of the Compact Linear Collider Study (CLIC) [1] at CERN, new sensing and actuators technologies must be developed in order to achieve the required pe
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Ikeda, Yuichi, Aoyama, Hideaki, Sakamoto, Yohei | Signal-Image Technology amp; Internet-Based Systems (SITIS), 2015 11th International Conference on (v.2015 / no.11 / pp.391-397 / 2015)
We study G7 Global Production Network constructed using production index time series from January 1998to January 2015 for G7 countries. Collective motion of G7Global Prod
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So Yeon Kim, Chang Seok Chae, Intae Hwang, Sol Lim, Han Wool Choi, Dae Jin Kim | Communications, Computers and Signal Processing (PACRIM), 2015 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on (v.2015 / no.8 / pp.344-347 / 2015)
Globally, safety technology of smart cars is developing for drivers' safety. Because the eye inspection of tire pressure is difficult, automatic sensing of the tire press
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Klos, Michal, Wawrzyniak, Karol, Jakubek, Marcin | European Energy Market (EEM), 2015 12th International Conference on the (v.2015 / no.5 / pp.1-5 / 2015)
Zonal configuration of energy market is often a consequence of political borders. However there are a few methods developed to help with zonal delimitation in respect to
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Guo, Qi, Gautier, Maxime, Liu, Da-Yan, Perruquetti, Wilfrid | Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), 2015 IEEE International Conference on (v.2015 / no.7 / pp.220-225 / 2015)
This paper investigates the behavior of central Jacobi differentiator in robot identification applications. Jacobi differentiator is a Jacobi orthogonal based algebraic d
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Dinnyes, Csaba, Szappanos, Sandor | Electronics Technology (ISSE), 2015 38th International Spring Seminar on (v.2015 / no.5 / pp.118-123 / 2015)
This paper describes the thermal management of an epoxy resin used for Ball Grid Array type chips capillary underfilling. The setup and validation procedure involving som
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Maria-Raluca, Munteanu, Ion, Poeata, Lucian, Eva, Alin-Constantin, Iordache, Dana-Mihaela, Turliuc | E-Health and Bioengineering Conference (EHB), 2015 (v.2015 / no.11 / pp.1-4 / 2015)
This paper presents the methods and techniques used in the neurosurgical treatment of brain tumors, with an accent on the medical devices used in modern operating rooms f
초록보기원문보기 | 무료
Saadah, S. | Information Science and Security (ICISS), 2015 2nd International Conference on (v.2015 / no.12 / pp.1-4 / 2015)
Economic indicator in Indonesia are GDP (Gross Domestic Product), GNI (Gross National Income), inflation, export and import. These data had been chosen because economic t
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Romeres, Diego, Pillonetto, Gianluigi, Chiuso, Alessandro | Control Conference (ECC), 2015 European (v.2015 / no.7 / pp.2044-2049 / 2015)
A new Bayesian approach to linear system identification has been proposed in a series of recent papers. The main idea is to frame linear system identification as predicto
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Qingliang Meng, Xinxin Guo | Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM), 2015 12th International Conference on (v.2015 / no.6 / pp.1-6 / 2015)
Effective identification of key user knowledge sources which are able to match with the innovation task of the enterprise can reduce the cost of enterprise search and eva
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Rust, Jochen, Ludwig, Frank, Paul, Steffen | Design, Automation amp; Test in Europe Conference amp; Exhibition (DATE), 2015 (v.2015 / no.3 / pp.892-895 / 2015)
This paper presents a new approach for hardware-based QR-decomposition using an efficient computation scheme of the Givens-Rotation. In detail, the angle of rotation and
초록보기원문보기 | 무료
Attia, Y., Abdelrahman, A., Hamouda, M., Youssef, M. | Transportation Electrification Asia-Pacific (ITEC Asia-Pacific), 2016 IEEE Conference and Expo (v.2016 / no.6 / pp.214-219 / 2016)
This paper presents the technical and economical merits of using low losses fast switching Silicon Carbide (SiC) accumulated gate field effect transistor (ACCUFET) switch
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Calderon-Guizar, Jorge G., Ramirez-Gonzalez, M., Castellanos-Bustamante, R. | PowerTech, 2015 IEEE Eindhoven (v.2015 / no.6 / pp.1-6 / 2015)
Inter-area oscillations are inherent to power systems. This type of oscillations is characterized by a group of generators in one are of the system oscillating against ot
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Empler, Tommaso | Digital Heritage, 2015 (v.2 / pp.581-586 / 2015)
This paper outlines the results of current research in reconstruction and popularisation of the Nerva Forum in Rome, dating from imperial Rome and the high medieval perio
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Saxena, Vertika, Ramakrishnananda, Balajee, Kumar, T. Rajesh Senthil | Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2015 International Conference on (v.2015 / no.8 / pp.720-725 / 2015)
Wings of airplanes, ornithopters and micro-aerial vehicles were inspired by the wings of birds and insects. A flying snake found in South and South-East Asia converts its
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Stroud, Andrew, Derosa, Pedro A., Leuty, Gary, Muratore, Christopher, Berry, Rajiv, Muratory, Christopher | Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO) , 2015 IEEE 15th International Conference on (v.2015 / no.7 / pp.613-616 / 2015)
The effects of vacancies on the electronic properties of transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) semiconductors is studied and the absorption of water demonstrated by model
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Roy, Sangita Chaki, Kundu, Tapanendu, Rao, V. Ramgopal | Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO) , 2015 IEEE 15th International Conference on (v.2015 / no.7 / pp.362-365 / 2015)
In this paper, we present the opto-electrical characteristics of the fabricated PVA based photodetector on a low thermal mass platform having the capability to respond fr
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Baig, Roger, Freitag, Felix, Khan, Amin M., Moll, Agusti, Navarro, Leandro, Pueyo, Roger, Vlassov, Vladimir | Cloud Networking (CloudNet), 2015 IEEE 4th International Conference on (v.2015 / no.10 / pp.213-215 / 2015)
Community clouds are a cloud deployment model in which the cloud infrastructure is built with specific features for a community of users with shared concerns, goals, and
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Krishna Kumar, G. V., Padmanabam, M., Sree, M. Bhagya, Sairam, M. V. S. | Underwater Technology (UT), 2015 IEEE (v.2015 / no.2 / pp.1-4 / 2015)
Performance evaluation of passive devices such as ship board sonars, sea bed arrays, sonobuoys and underwater mines is carried out using simulated Radiated Noise (RN) sig
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